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Elevating your child's math skills

The Math Academy was phase III of the vision of Grandma’s House After-School Tutoring Program. This program is designed to support students in 7th and 8th-grade math; however, we have since started to take any student if we have available space. This is a free program for students who need academic support.

The Math Academy is from 3:30 until 5:00 Tuesday — Thursday. This time frame supports middle school students who get out of school later than elementary school students. If you have a student who needs our service, please use the link provided below to enroll them.

Volunteers are needed, we encourage high school students who have strong math skills to become tutors at Grandma’s House. The student will receive a certificate of recognition from Grandma’s House for their involvement in the community, which they can use as part of their resume when they apply for employment.

We are also in need of a Math Coach/Director for this program. If, you are interested in becoming a Math Coach/Director, or you are interested in volunteering, please download and fill out the document (s) you need and email them to: or give us a call at 559-687-0925.

Documents Needed to Apply:

Donations Are Needed:

Grandma’s House needs you. You, too, can give back to the community and support at-risk students. We are a non-profit organization. Any student who needs our support can come without charge. If you can donate to this program, please call us at 559-631-4200 or 559-687-0925 or use the link: You can also email us at