K - 6th Afterschool Tutoring Program

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It is as simple as pressing a button (donate) or a credit card shown here.  You can make a donation here.  Your donation goes through our Paypal account.  Using a credit card, Paypal will process your payment, send us a report and contact number so that we can thank you and see that you get a tax credit from Grandma's House a 501 ( c ) ( 3) corporation.  Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of children.

Grandma's House newly renovated facility, thanks to all of those who supported our fundraiser dinner, gave in-kind gifts of love and support, we say thank you!

The new facility for Grandma's House, prior to renovations, purchased in 2013.



Grandma's House is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization and it's your donations that allow  us to address the academic and social needs of children in our community in such a unique and effective way.

Without the generosity of people like you, we would never have been able to grow our program or believe in an even brighter future for Grandma's House and all of our "Grandkids".

We are now in the process of planning for a preschool for students ages 2.9 to 4 years of age.  We are planning to have a modular building placed on the property for the preschool by the end of this year, 2015.  The cost of the modular building is approximately $150,000.

The last phase of Grandma's House Education Complex is the 7th and 8th grade online math academy.  We will place directly across from our main building a 1,500 square foot modular building that will be similar to a computer lab.  This building will house our online math program.  We will use the Khan Academy program, as our base program.

Whatever you can give, will be greatly appreciated and 100% of it will go towards the loan and fencing projects mentioned. Should you prefer  your donation to be earmarked for something else, please contact us.

Once your donation is received through our Paypal account, we will send you our tax identification number to facilitate your deduction.

In 2013, with the help of three foundations from the City of Tulare, Grandma's House was able to purchase a larger facility for its tutoring program. Space was desperately needed in order for the program to expand. Our first location, a little house on "R" Street, was busting at the seams and we were not going to turn down kids in need. We believed that God's grace and the goodness of people would solve this problem and sure enough, it worked!

 This 39,000 square foot lot will house the K-6 grade tutoring program, a 7th and 8th grade math academy and in the near future a preschool.

Grandma's House is the vision of its founder Flora Johnson a retired educator.  Flora was a classroom teacher for 21 years, a vice principal for 8 years and an elementary school principal for two years.  When she retired in 2007, after 30 plus years, she moved back to Tulare, the city of her youth, established a Board of Directors and started Grandma's House an after-school tutoring program for students in grades K-6.

Due to the growth of the program, she started looking for a larger facility.  After several months, she  found a new location that was ideal for Grandma's House.  With the support of what she calls her, "Dream Team" she was able to purchase the property and raise $61,000.00 to renovate and make the necessary repairs in order to make it ready for occupancy in September 2014. A second fundraiser gave us a gross income for the renovation of this property of $91,000.00

This 39,000 square foot property will eventually offer three major programs

  • Our Current K-6 Reading, Math and Language Arts Program
  • Our 7th and 8th Grade Math Academy (Online Khan Academy Math Program)
  • Preschool for ages 2-4 

​The Tulare Community has been awesome in their generosity both in monetary contributions and in-kind gifts.  We have used volunteers where and whenever possible to stretch our funds in order to pay for things we could not get donated.  When completed, this program and facility will be a credit to the Tulare Community and all of those who cared enough to invest in the future of our youth.